Our family owned cafe is based on traditional and homemade recipes. The history engrained in our business has spoken on its own for 26 years thus far.

Our passion is “slow food”: delicious, wholesome, and made with care and love from quality ingredients. We grew up in Europe, where a simple sandwich was a feast to the senses. We love the smell of freshly-baked bread, the tenderness of home-cooked meat and the flavor of vine-ripened vegetables, enjoyed in good company.

We share our passion with you. Our food is made from scratch, on the spot, from hand-selected, quality ingredients. We marinate and grill the tri tip and chicken breast in house.

Our sandwiches are a must try specialty! Every weekday, we offer a home-cooked special meals at the price of a sandwich. We hope you will share our passion with us.

With love and care,

Nick and Galia

Nick & Galia